Converting existing Grid Connect Systems to Hybrid Systems

As we move towards the end of solar bonus scheme many of our customers are asking what they can do to utilise more of the power their systems are generating rather than simply feeding it back into the grid for no real financial gain?

The solution is to convert the system into a Hybrid system which simply put, allows the array to service the house loads during the day and rather than feed excess power back into the grid, it is used to charge a small battery bank. This then enables the excess power generated by the array to be stored and used to service loads during the evening to further reduce demand on the grid.

A well designed Hybrid system enables the owner to take back full control of the power their system generates each day to the extent that a user can select whether their house uses power from the batteries or grid depending on the time of day. This allows Hybrid systems to be carefully used to offset Time of Service (TOS) grid usage charges.

These converted systems are also called AC Coupled system. Simply put, AC coupling combine Grid Connect Inverters and battery-based inverter/chargers in the same system, resulting in a system that offers both grid power and battery power to supply a houses loads.