About Us

Towards Tomorrow Energy was established in 2001 and specialise in the design and specification of Off Grid and Hybrid Solar Power Systems. Since our inception we have remained dedicated to the promotion of sustainable self sufficiency for both local and remote communities across Australia. Established as a community service organisation, our primary role is to educate and assist our community in becoming less dependent on energy infrastructure and fossil fuel resources and becoming more self sufficient, leading the way towards a greener tomorrow.  In order to ensure a stable environment for future generations, more sustainable practices need to be implemented in our day to day lives. The adoption of solar technology is just one easy step households can take to embrace a greener future, and that’s where Towards Tomorrow Energy comes in — Our role is to make your transition to a more sustainable future easy.

With hundreds of solar systems installed across Australia, including our own homes and factory which all produce their own power, Towards Tomorrow Energy can assist with all of your solar energy needs, specialising in the design and implementation of Off Grid, Hybrid and Grid Connect Solar Systems in and around the Central Coast and Hunter regions as well as rural and remote areas of NSW. We offer a passionate, professional and personalised service from assessment of your energy requirements through to the facilitation of system commissioning, maintenance and ongoing servicing.