7KVA Diesel Generator

This silenced outdoor air cooled diesel generator is by far the best option as a backup AC source for larger off grid solar power systems. It offers a hefty 25A max load rating ideal for charging batteries quickly and also comes complete with a 2 wire start functionality enabling it to be controlled by the battery inverter. It comes standard with an RCD protected 32A outlet and at only 67dB only needs to be located at arms length from the battery inverter reducing cable runs. The unit is backed by an Australian 500 hour/ 1 year warranty.


7KVA Diesel Generator

Tradie 3000W Digital Inverter Generator

The new Genquip Tradie Digital Inverter generator gives a whopping 3000W of clean pure sine wave power. This is more than sufficient power to run high output items like drop saws and large grinders. Tradesman have longed for a compact, quiet generator that produces clean power at a competitive price and finally it is here. Being a digital inverter generator it is very fuel efficient and quiet making it also ideal for emergency back up for the home. Standard features include electric start, overload &low oil warning, 12V & USB outlets and wheel kit. Noise level 60 – 67 dB.

Genquip 3000W Digital Inverter Generator