Yamaha 6KVA Diesel Generator

This Yamaha 6KVA generator features an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to ensure constant voltage and protect your appliances from power surges.

6KVA Diesel Generator

HCY-6-M5 Yanmar Generator

Himoinsa HCY-6 M5 Compact Series diesel generator comes packed with the following features and is the ideal solution to integrate with your solar, battery and inverter system as well as for use in agriculture, mining & construction applications.

Yanmar HCY-6-M5 Generator

HCY-9-M5 Yanmar Generator

Yanmar HCY-9-M5 Generator

HSY-10-M5 Yanmar Generator

Yanmar HSY-10-M5 Generator

HSY-15-M5 Yanmar Generator

Yanmar HSY-15-M5 Generator

HYW-13-M5 Yanmar Generator

Yanmar HYW-13-M5 Generator

HYW-17-M5 Yanmar Generator

Yanmar HYW-17-M5 Generator

HYW-30-M5 Yanmar Generator

Yanmar HYW-30-M5 Generator