Battery Technologies

We stock a wide range of battery cells for Portable, Off Grid and Battery Backup applications. Please contact us should you require a specific battery size/type for your application. Links and connectors are included with all 24/48/120V battery banks. We also have access to a range of Lithium Cells and alternative brands such as BAE, Raylite, and Narada.
We also stock a range of battery racks and fire rated battery enclosures for both residential and commercial battery applications.

Lithium Ion


– Very high cycle life
– 9.8 kWh gross capacity (usable energy 9.3 kWh)
– Compatible inverter brands: SMA, Solar Edge
– 400V and 48V versions available
– 10 years warranty LG Chem
– Possibility of extension up to two additional modules
– Extensions can be made by separate BMS (battery management system) even after several years

LG Chem


Valve Regulated Lead Acid (Gel)

Capacity : 2V, 750Ah (C100)
Type: VRLA OPzV, Sealed
Size: 168mm(L) x 208mm(W) x 515mm(H)
Weight: 39kgs

Capacity : 2V, 1130Ah (C100)
Type: VRLA OPzV, Sealed
Size: 212mm(L) x 193mm(W) x 648mm(H)
Weight: 66kgs

Capacity : 2V, 1415Ah (C100)
Type: VRLA OPzV, Sealed
Size: 212mm(L) x 235mm(W) x 690mm(H)
Weight: 80kgs

Capacity : 2V, 1695Ah (C100)
Type: VRLA OPzV, Sealed
Size: 212mm(L) x 277mm(W) x 690mm(H)
Weight: 95kgs

Capacity : 2V, 1960Ah (C100)
Type: VRLA OPzV, Sealed
Size: 212mm(L) x 277mm(W) x 759mm(H)
Weight: 115kgs

Capacity : 2V, 2600Ah (C100)
Type: VRLA OPzV, Sealed
Size: 216mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 816mm(H)
Weight: 160kgs



Zinc Bromide Flow Batteries

ZCell is a new sort of battery without the overhead or degradation problems that can impact the performance of lithium-based or lead acid batteries.
ZCell is a zinc-bromine flow battery, which has great advantages over legacy battery types.
Each ZCell contains about 100 litres of a water-based zinc bromide salt solution circulating in two separate hydraulic circuits.
When charging, zinc is extracted from the zinc bromide solution and stored on a plastic membrane. During discharge, zinc is released back to the solution. In short, energy is stored by moving zinc around inside the battery.
The key to the long life and 100% depth-of-discharge capabilities of ZCell is that this process is completely reversible, and that there is no damage to the battery when the zinc is completely removed from the plastic membrane at the end of each discharge cycle.
In fact, a 100% discharge cycle every now and then is a form of maintenance cycle for our battery, giving you a fresh battery back, ready for another hard day’s work.